You want to build great products,
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Product Go!™ is a self-paced course that helps you master modern Product Management on the go.

Learn the skills to take charge of your products. Make better decisions and solve deep customer problems.

We go beyond the theory and show you the Mindset, Process and the Tools of a great PM.

What You Will Learn From This Course

You'll learn from over 20 modules that covers all aspects of the Product Management process and how to manage your product career

Some of our sample classes:

The Role of a Product Manager

A product manager's job is to discover product opportunities and deliver positive business outcomes across the product lifecycle.

To do that, you must be the expert on the customer, the technology and the market. You'll learn the role of a PM by:

> Understanding what a PM does in their day to day
> How does the Product Function look like and where do you play a part
> How to work with all the core members in your team

The Product Management Process

You'll learn the end to end process to discover, deliver and grow a product in the market.

> You'll learn how to make quality decisions across every phase of the product lifecycle
> We'll walk you through real-life scenarios that product managers come across in their day to day
> We'll show you the different tools you can use to solve those challenges

How To Create a Kick-Ass Product Roadmap

As a PM, you're always influencing without authority. We'll show how to put together a great Product Strategy to influence a team.

> Demystify the misconception of Product Roadmaps
(spoiler: it's just a view of your product strategy!).
> Show how to learn Agile properly and lead project teams to deliver the value with tech teams
> Give you different tools and templates to create a kick ass strategy so you don't have to start from scratch

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Real Life Examples

No fancy frameworks or fluffy theories. Just easy to understand concepts that work in real life

Bite Size Learning

Easy learning, no boring bits. Each topic can be learnt in under 1 hour with quizzes and downloads to help you remember.

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You'll get free lifetime access once you've passed the course so you can always come back to revise.

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