How to Create a Kick-Ass Product Roadmap

Roadmapping is not easy. Every company demands different types of Roadmaps, and every PM has their own flavour.

A product roadmap is a tool used by PM’s to communicate the what and the why of a product. A great roadmap helps PM’s achieve the following:
1. It ensures the product team understand what they are working towards, by aligning the product to the company’s short term and long term goals.
2. It enables effective allocation of time, money and people, by communicating expectations, priorities and schedules.
3. It sets a basis for prioritisation discussions and provides a focus for your company.

In this lesson, I'll take you through the end to end process of creating a Product Roadmap, different flavours of Product Roadmaps, and managing a Roadmap when things change.

Lesson 1: Product Roadmap Explained

Lesson 2: Creating different levels of Roadmaps

Lesson 3: Juggling between Different Types of Roadmaps

Lesson 4: How to Govern Your Roadmap

Downloads: Roadmap Templates & Tools