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What You Can Achieve Coaching

Break into
Product Management

I've helped many BA's QA's, Designers, Project Managers, Account Managers, Entrepreneurs find a fulfilling career in Product Management.

I have a proven model to help you uncover your skill gaps and come up with a plan to break into PM.

Solve nitty-gritty Problems

Not everything is written in books or recorded in podcasts. True experience comes from doing it, failing, and doing it again until you succeed.

I help you solve those day to day problems that keeps you awake at night and help you create a path to move from a mid-level PM into a senior Level PM within a few months.

Succeed as a
Product Leader

All great leaders has a mentor. Having a mentor will help identify your blind spots and provide you with tools to build your leadership style.

I'll help you design and organise your team, build a product culture and exert influence within the leadership team.

My 4 Step Coaching Process

I don't just spend time with you, I inspire you to take actions

Step 1: Assess Your Gaps and Goals

Our first session will start off with an assessment. I will provide you with quizzes and questions to assess your blind spots.

We will go through areas of your Product Knowledge, Product Management Techniques and People Skills.

Then we'll capture your 3 months, 6 months and 12 months goals so we can measure our progress.

Step 2: Create Tailored Coaching Plan

Once we've uncovered your gaps and goals, we will create a tailored plan to help you improve.

Our coaching plan covers 10% theory, 20% coaching and 70% practice.

It's updated every 8 weeks (just like a Product Roadmap) to make sure we are still focused on the right things.

Step 3: Weekly or Fortnightly Meetings

Before we meet, I will assign you videos from my online course at Product-Go to cover the theory

When we catch up, we will use the time for practice and questions.

I'll show you real-life examples on different approaches and help you create your own approach.

At the end of each session, you will walk away with mentorship actions and goals to tackle before the next session.

Step 4: See Your Progress Over Time

After our sessions, you'll get weekly reminders, access to ask questions and support from me at anytime.

All our coaching tools are documented on a private Miro board and our coaching sessions are recorded online.

Overtime, you'll build your own toolbox of product practices and create your own path forward.

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What Makes Me Different ?

When it comes to coaching, picking someone who has hands-on experience is key.

I've been a Product Leader for the past 15 years. I've worked at startups, scale-ups to corporates. I've hired Product Managers and interviewed for many Product roles.

I've taught over 3,000+ students globally at General Assembly and have personally coached over 200+ students across multiple time zones.

I can tell you first hand on how to navigate through difficult situations. And I can simplify complex ideas into easily understandable concepts.

I have a proven system that helps you learn quicker than you will anywhere else.

Take control of your product career

Don't wait for your company to send you to a training course

My rate is simply $250 USD per hour

- FREE 30 min PM skills assessment (1st timers)
- 60 min coaching sessions
- Quick catchups for when you needed it
- Unlimited support 24/7 via Slack/Emails
- All sessions are recorded to revise anytime
- Unlimited access to Product Academy Online™
- No minimum commitments or contracts
- 100% Money Back if you don't see any improvements
- Coaching is limited to only 10 students

Book a Free 30 Min Session
Pros of having a Product management career

Your Learning Journey, Documented

We create a customised Miro Board to capture every skill we learn and every goals to tackle. Tracking your progress overtime.

Some of Our Success Stories