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Why Should I Learn Product Management?

Product Management is one of the most in demand roles of the decade. Linkedin statistics show that PM roles are expected to grow at 29% YoY in the US alone.

With salaries ranging from $120K to $180K, this is a rewarding role that brings a tremendous amount of business value.

Product Management is a must have skill in order to progress into the highest levels of a technology company.

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To become great Product Manager is a 6 - 12 months journey mixed with self-paced learning, coaching and practice.
We've designed the perfect pathway to get you from day 1 to expert.
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Want to Learn Modern Product Management?
Save thousands from our self-paced course

Whether you've just started as a product manager or are trying to break into Product Management, Product Academy Online™! - is designed for you.  

This is a self-paced course to help you master the art of Modern Product Management and learn the fundamental mindsets, processes and tools to become a confident PM.

The best thing of all, it's FREE for 30 days and you get lifetime access once you've finished the course! 

Try it out and see for yourself.

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Stumbled into the role without any training? 
Join our 10 Weeks Advanced PM Live-Class

Learn the skills of a modern Product Manager in our 10 Week training program. Our collaborative classes are designed to teach you in-depth, advanced techniques of Product Management.

You'll work on multiple real-life side projects from Product driven companies and harness your PM skills with like-minded people.

You'll walk away with a Miro Board of tools as well as credentials in our Student Alumni page to showcase your achievements to current and future employers.

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Need to Solve Nitty-Gritty Problems?
Get 1 on 1 Coaching to Accelerate Your Career to The Next Level

Personalised coaching is a high-touch, custom, learning experience that speeds up your path to becoming a great Product Manager.

You'll have a safe space to speak about your concerns while getting quick one on one feedback.

We offer weekly or fortnightly coaching sessions tailored to your goals. Your next step could be breaking into a PM role, becoming a Senior PM, or moving into a product leadership role.

(Coaching is limited to only 10 people at a time)

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Want to network with other PM's? Join our FREE Meetup with weekly Lunch and Learns

If you're looking to connect with like-minded Product Managers in Australia, come join us in our Lunch and Learn meetup.

We have weekly live classes and talks from our community of Product Managers. Get access to mentors, hiring managers and other PMs to grow your network.

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What Makes My Classes Different?

Real Life Examples

Anyone can talk theory but our courses show you how it's done - one step at a time.

No Fluff Policy

No fancy frameworks or fluffy theories. Just easy to understand concepts that work in real life.

Happiness Guarantee

Let our product do the talking. If you’re not happy with any courses you'll get a 100% refund.

Our Courses Are Designed to
Create a Lifetime Impact