Who Is Product Dave?

Hey there! đź‘‹ I'm Dave Wang I am currently working as the Group Product Manager at Linktree, leading a team of exceptional PMs.

Product was my first job, and it's the only job I've done for the past 17+ years. I started as a Junior PM, then moved to Senior PM, and then worked my way up to a Group PM. And not just in one type of environment but across startups, scale-ups, and corporates.

For the past 5 years, I've been building and 'white-labelling' Product Management courses with institutions like General Assembly, Harvard Innovation Labs, Melbourne Business School and EntryLevel.

Working with education institutions gave me the opportunity to teach over 4,000+ students over 200+ classes and have helped countless students break into PM or get promoted into senior roles.

Why did I build Product Academy?

I've seen a lot of students that paid for a $4,000 course still get shut down in interviews.
When they are faced with a question like "How do you improve this product"
They jump straight into ideation. If you start with product ideas, you've been taught the wrong thing.

When I interview Product Managers, I get a lot of candidates who paid $5,000 on their PM or CSPO certifications 
and they get shut down in interviews.
Honestly, the moment a PM talks about certifications, they've failed the interview.
Our industry is not short of certifications, frameworks or best practices. And here are three hard truths:
1) There are no 'silver bullets' for Product Management
2) Courses is only 20% of your learning, the other 80% comes from doing it

3) Hiring managers don’t care about your certificates (see why)
Experience always comes before the title, there is no short-cut.

I built Product Academy because I want to clear up some of the bad teachings in our industry.
‍(This is a key reason why good PMs are hard to find and the role is extremly confusing)

I want to provide you an honest source to learn to from someone who is doing the job and testing the theories everyday.
And, eventually you'll pass it onto others. That's the only way we can grow our industry.

My mission with Product Academy is to: 
1) Help people learn modern product management that's practical in real life
2) Help companies build a team of strong product managers
3) Make this world a better place, one product at a time

My No Boundaries Pledge (Free learning for developing countries)

I believe that knowledge should be without any boundaries. The cost of learning should not be a barrier for anyone. If you are from one of the  developing countries listed as here. Please get in touch.
You'll get access to our Product Academy™ course 90 days for free plus you can reach out anytime on slack for help and support.

Message me on Slack

Product Academy would not have been possible if not for the following people

Building the school took a lot of effort from everyone in the Product Community. This website was created by the amazingly talented
James Baduor and Endurance Dan-Jumbo from adplist.org,
No to mention everyone that has given feedback and
support for the school - I thank you from the bottom of my heart 🙏