How To Land Job Offers as a PM

We'll go beyond just the Product Management craft and show you how you can manage your career as a PM.  I'll show you practical examples of how you can:
1. Create a great Product Manager resume
2. Using side projects you can use to build your PM brand
3. How to network internally to get promotions and how to nail your PM interviews
4. How to network externally to get job offers
5. How to prepare for your PM interviews
6. A step by step process to do interview take-home tasks

I'll show you real-life examples from my Canva interviews, and how I prepared for my Atlassian interviews. (Both companies I received offers for).

(Ps. This topic is spread across 5+ hours of content on Building Your Product Career)

Lesson 1: How to Write a PM Resume That Gets Call Backs

Lesson 2: How to Smash your PM Interviews

Lesson 3: How To Use Side Projects for Boost Your PM Brand

Lesson 4: How to use Networking to Get Job Offers

Lesson 5: Completing Interview Take Home Tasks