How to Manage Product Ideas in Your Company

The misconception about the Product Management role is that PM’s comes up with product
ideas. But often, we don’t come up with ideas — we spend most of our time managing and triaging other people ideas.

The job of a PM is to help the business build the right things. Properly managing ideas can help your company to:
- Avoids shiny objects syndrome
- Centralised prioritisation and transparency
- Ideas can build on top of ideas
- Centralised justifications for do’s and don’t(s)

In this topic, I'll show you the step by step process of how to look for good product ideas, how to capture product ideas, how to triage them, and how to gracefully say no to ideas.

Lesson 1: How to Look for Good Product Ideas

Lesson 2: Managing Product Ideas

Lesson 3: The 5 Steps to Gracefully say NO to Product Ideas

Lesson 4: Example Idea Backlog & Quick Quiz